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Putting People Before Politics

 As a mother and an advocate, I am concerned like many in District 26 that our leaders are letting Texans down, especially our children. As a women's rights advocate, I believe that women should have equal access to health care and preventative care. I also have the opinion that Texans should no longer accept females earning less than their male colleagues, for the same work and qualifications.  This desire to put people before wealthy and powerful interest groups is my motivation to run for State Representative.  The past few years have only proven that our current leaders are out of touch with the majority of Texans who support progressive action that focuses on the needs of the people not their own political interests.  

I am proud to be a part of such a diverse community. Our district needs a representative who understands both the complexities and richness that is Fort Bend County. We need a leader who values both our differences and our similarities. My international experience will bring needed insight to our legislature. As a practiced advocate, I will be your voice in our legislature. Most of all, I believe that as we celebrate our diversity we also express pride in calling ourselves Texans! 

If you are ready to put people before politics, show your support by being a part of this campaign.  




I am honored to announce that the Houston GLBT Political Caucus has endorsed me as their choice for State Representative for District 26. I will fight for the equal rights of all Texans.






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Paaso for Texas Representative
If you are ready for someone to represent the people of District 26 rather than special interest groups and super PACs, Pick Amber Paaso. It is time to put people before politics!